Tune Sweeper 4.41 Crack + Activation Code Full Version Free Download 2022

Tune Sweeper Version [4.41] Crack + Registration Key [Update] 2022 Free Download

Tune Sweeper Crack

Tune Sweeper Crack is a useful Windows tool that allows users to clean up their iTunes libraries by locating and eliminating duplicate tracks as well as correcting songs with inaccurate or missing song information. Tune Sweeper’s duplicate function is more complex than iTunes’ default duplicate function because the duplicates can be scanned based on several criteria such as song title, artist, album, appropriate song number, and song length. Tune Sweeper organizes iTunes duplicates into groups, allowing you to simply pick and eliminate them with a single click. This tool can also detect and close iTunes loopholes to better assist iTunes consumers. In iTunes, a missing track is indicated by an exclamation point next to the song title, and it is a song for which iTunes cannot locate accompanying files.

Tune Sweeper Download examines the iTunes collection for groups of recurring music based on customizable search criteria. The built-in Tune Sweeper “choose to save” feature can then be used to select duplicate tunes that should be automatically eliminated based on your preferences. You can even manually delete or skip entire groups by marking individual recordings. Duplicates that have been designated for deletion with a single click are removed from iTunes and forwarded to the Trash. Tune Sweeper can also be used to locate and remove music from iTunes that no longer exist on your Mac. When you try to play this track on iTunes, it displays an exclamation point.

Additional improvements in this current edition of Tune Sweeper Mac include the ability to download song information and album cover to your iTunes library. Tune Sweeper also employs a fingerprinting approach to recognize your tracks and add pertinent data to them. Your iTunes library is automatically updated with fresh information once you’ve enrolled. The program can correct track information that is erroneous or missing. To detect indications of erroneous or missing metadata, the application employs a sophisticated digital fingerprint method. You can save the resulting track information to a file for immediate update to iTunes once each track is identified from a database of over 35 million tracks. When many potential releases for a track are found, the Tune Sweeper allows the user to choose the desired game or modify the metadata manually.

The application then identifies and downloads the proper artwork for iTunes music that doesn’t have it yet, as well as Apple Music recordings. And it’s simple to figure out which music will be removed from iTunes if the consumer cancels their Apple Music subscription. I’m sure I’ll be able to handle it. Furthermore, manually scanning your iTunes library for duplicates takes time. The built-in duplicate finder in iTunes displays a list of duplicate tracks. However, this is ineffective because it does not allow you to select the songs you want to remove. There is assistance available! Tune Sweeper Key examines your iTunes library in groups for duplicate music rapidly. Then, in each group, select the recordings you want to keep and the ones you want to eliminate. Tune Sweeper can also make this decision for you based on your choices, such as the best quality, the longest playing time, and the most recent play.

Key Features Of Tune Sweeper Product Key [Portable]:

  • Duplicates in your iTunes library are shown in groups by Tune Sweeper.
  • Automatically select the duplicates in each category you want to keep.
  • Search for certain tracks quickly in the duplication list.
  • With a single click, you may get rid of all duplicates.
  • Tracks that have been deleted from iTunes can also be saved for safekeeping.
  • Find and delete the tracks that are missing from your iTunes library.
  • View all duplicate music in your iTunes library with a single click.
  • Songs are automatically selected for saving based on quality, last playing time, or duration.
  • At the touch of a button, the waste residue is removed.
  • This application can tell you which tracks are in the cloud and thus give you a good idea of which ones you should save.
  • The program looks fortunes without covers in your iTunes library and then searches the Internet for similar covers.
  • The fresh photos are automatically uploaded to iTunes by the application.
  • This program can remove tracks from your iTunes collection that are no longer on your computer.
  • When playing music, no more exclamation points!
  • The program searches your computer for music that isn’t in your iTunes library and finds it right away.
  • To rapidly add this new song to iTunes, use the app.
  • Use the software to discover songs that are missing details, then use it to rapidly fill in the gaps.
  • The software recognizes your music using powerful fingerprint technology and instantly uploads the right track information to iTunes!
  • Apple Music is an excellent resource for discovering new music.
  • The tool displays the Apple Music songs you’ve added to your music collection, which will be removed if you cancel your Apple Music subscription.
  • If you like, you can purchase these tracks and add them to your library.
  • The app summarises your most popular artists and genres on iTunes for some light entertainment.
  • TuneSweeper may surprise you with what it can tell you about your listening habits!
  • The most well-known feature of Tune Sweeper is the duplication detection and eradication tool in iTunes.
  • In this regard, the program functions similarly to conventional iTunes Duplicate Remover or Duplicate Files.
  • Scanning, marking, and deleting are three steps that could be included in the process.

Pros And Cons:


  • In iTunes, it does a good job of deleting duplicates.
  • It also has other handy features.
  • Users can personalize duplicate search criteria.
  • All functionalities are displayed on a simple interface.
  • It has an auto-selection feature.


  • It’s a little pricey given it only works with iTunes.
  • When compared to other similar tools, scanning is relatively slow.
  • Occasionally, there are crashes.


Tune Sweeper keygen


Tune Sweeper Patch

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel 64-bit processor
  • RAM: optional
  • Graphics: optional
  • Operating system version: macOS High Sierra 10.8 or later
  • Disk space: 1 GB of free space for installation
  • Size: 11.19 MB

Tune Sweeper License Key:


What’s New in Tune Sweeper Serial Key?

  • Improve the detection of duplicates.
  • Fix issues in iTunes’ No function.

How To Crack Tune Sweeper Working Key?

  • First of all, we download the software from given the link below.
  • Before the installation, delete its previous version if downloaded.
  • Don’t run the system immediately.
  • Wait for installation and maintenance of software.
  • That’s all, Enjoy the new version of the software for free, which is downloaded for free.

Final Conclusion:

Tune Sweeper Crack isn’t free, but for less than $20, it’s a great deal, especially if you have a large music collection. Tune Sweeper may help you clean out your ever-expanding, all-important iTunes library if you’ve gone too far and now have tonnes of duplicates and missing tunes. Editor’s note: This is a comprehensive review of Tune Sweeper. In the trial edition, just a limited range of features are provided.

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